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Ett bra tips.

Post by rogras » 24 May 2004, 22:11

Hej jag hade problem med att ikonerna var för stora på Kmenyn i SuSE 9.1
då hittade jag detta tips.

Roger Rasmusson

How To Change the Icon Size in K Menu

Applies to: SUSE LINUX 9.1

You want to change the size of the icons displayed in K menu.


Open a console
Enter the following command:

mcedit ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc

Search for the [menus] section in the file.

Change the value of the variable "MenuEntryHeight=" to the desired size. The default value for a resolution > 1024 is "32". You can choose between the values "22" and "16".

Save the changes with "F2"

Enter the following command in a shell or in the command line "ALT+F2":

dcop kicker Panel restart

After changing these parameters, the menu should now be displayed in the defined size.

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