RaspAnd 7.1.2 Build 171220

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RaspAnd 7.1.2 Build 171220

Post by exton » 20 December 2017, 14:27

NEWS 171220: RaspAnd 7.1.2 Build 171220 can be used with the official Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen and Big TV Screens

Thanks to a member on my site http://raspex.exton.se who asked for support for the Raspberry Pi official 7 inch touchscreen I started to experiment with different configurations. Success! The changes are so good that I’ve decided to uploaded a new version of RaspAnd today. NOTE: The display size have changed from 1280×720 to 1920×1080, which means that RaspAnd will look better also when using Big TV screens. In Build 171220 I’ve also included the app Quick Reboot Pro (so you don’t have to use the power switch).

Screenshot 1 – The Desktop when the Raspberry Pi official 7 inch touchscreen is used (RaspAnd Build 171220): http://raspex.exton.se/raspand-touchscreen-171220-1.jpg
Screenshot 2 – Running YouTube in the Jelly Browser when the touchscreen is used (RaspAnd Build 171220): http://raspex.exton.se/raspand-touchscreen-171220-2.jpg
Screenshot 3 – The Desktop when a Samsung 55″ TV is used as monitor (RaspAnd Build 171220): http://raspex.exton.se/raspand-7.1.2-sa ... 171220.jpg

READ MORE: http://raspex.exton.se/?p=776

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