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ExTiX 18.7 - Build 180723

Posted: 23 July 2018, 19:48
by exton
ExTiX 18.7 – “The Ultimate Linux System” – with LXQt 0.12.0, Refracta Tools, Calamares Installer and kernel 4.18.0-rc5-extix – Build 180723

ExTiX 18.7 LXQt DVD 64 bit is based on Debian 9 Stretch and Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver. The original system includes the Desktop Environment Gnome. After removing Gnome I have installed LXQt 0.12.0. "LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment. It is the product of the merge between the LXDE-Qt and the Razor-qt projects: A lightweight, modular, blazing-fast and user-friendly desktop environment".

The system language is ENGLISH.

My special kernel 4.18.0-rc5-extix corresponding’s unstable kernel 4.18-rc5. “My” kernel is patched so that you can install Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver if you like.

What’s new in kernel 4.18? - ... ures&num=1

Screenshot of ExTiX 18.7 Desktop – LXQt 0.12.0:
Refracta tools running while logged in as user live:
Connections to Windows computers via PCManFM-qt using Samba:
ExTiX running in VMware: ... 180723.jpg
ExTiX running in VirtualBox: ... 180419.jpg