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About DebEX Gnome Build 201018

Posted: 21 October 2020, 20:34
by exton
Article 201019 about DebEX Gnome Build 201018 at by Marius Nestor (previously at

Debian-Based DebEX Linux Now Ships with GNOME 3.38 and Linux Kernel 5.9

"Based on the Debian Testing repositories, where the development of the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system series takes place, the new DebEX Linux release is here with goodies that no other live Linux distribution currently offers.

For starters, the developer removed the lightweight MATE desktop environment, which was used in previous DebEX versions, and replaced it with the latest GNOME 3.38 desktop environment. So that right there might be a very good reason for many wanting to try GNOME 3.38 on Debian GNU/Linux to download this distro.

On top of that, users will find the latest and greatest Linux 5.9 kernel series, which comes with numerous new features and improvements to support newer and more hardware. The latest Linux kernel 5.9.1 is included in this release of DebEX Linux."

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